Reliv Independent Distributor
Weight Loss
I've been overweight most of my adult life, and all of that was my fault. I would go to the fast food place, grab that quick $5 lunch combo, and do nothing about. The weight piled on quickly to the point that I was weighing over 380 pounds. I was miserable. In February 2012, I was introduced to Reliv, and have never looked back. Because of Reliv, I was able to lose 55 pounds over the course of 4-1/2 years. I was excited about that! In October 2016, I was invited to be on the Fit3 Trial, and lost 20 pounds over 90 days! I have lost additional 50 pounds since, and I’m happier and healthier now than I was even 10 years ago! I’m grateful for Reliv, and will never stop taking the products!